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@torbjornvatn torbjornvatn, Senior Platform Engineer

Small update

I’ve gotten a question about how the code backing our “Personal Theme song” looks. As you may remember this is a small side project at the Unacastle where we use the beacon-interaction-webhook-feature of the Writeup app to get our own Personal Theme songs played when we enter the office in the morning.

Below you can see a small Gist of it’s two main parts; the handler.clj handling the webhook call from Writeup and the app.js running on the RaspberryPi that plays the correct mp3 when it receives a websocket message.

The url of the websocket and our ids has been redacted to protect the innocent.

Hello, Tomas

In the last post introducing our employees you met [Jarle](/2017/03/02/hello-jarle/), and it is now time for me to introduce Tomas Jansso...… Continue reading

Hello, Jarle

Published on March 02, 2017